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The official / resident editor of the NewsLetter is a representative from either the ECTN Association or EC2E2N, nominated by the Association / Network, who is tasked with leading the editorial board. The current editor is Pascal Mimero.

The EC2E2N NewsLetter Editorial Board was composed of 7 members: Antonio Lagana, U. Perugia, IT; Bill Byers, U. Ulster, UK; Evangelia Varella, A.U. Thessaloniki, GR; Iwona Maciejowska, J.U. Krakow, PL; Kristiina Wähälä, U. Helsinki, FI; Pascal Mimero, CPE Lyon, FR; Pavel Drasar, ICT Prague, CZ). It has been dismantled.

Resident Editor email: 

Guest Editor

  • A guest editor will be invited by the ECTN Association / EC2E2N editorial board to cooperate with the resident editor to produce a specific edition of the NewsLetter.

  • He/She will be responsible for writing the foreword for this edition.

  • A guest editor will be able to choose a theme and organize a major part of the content for the edition. He/She may contact potential contributors asking if they would be willing to submit a paper, a report or some other contribution relevant to the dedicated theme.

  • Each theme and topic published in the NewsLetter must be concerned with some aspect of Chemistry (education, pedagogy, research, employability, courses, collaboration, job and career opportunities etc).

  • In certain cases, to meet a particular need, the editor or editorial board, may invite co-guest editors. In this case the guest editors will share the editorial duties and responsibilities.

  • Guest editors are requested to send the editor an electronic form of their institution's logo. The URL address of the institution will then be added as a 'top banner' to the NewsLetter by the editor.

  • In addition to the content organized by guest editors, each NewsLetter will contain material and information related to ECTNA and EC2E2N activities (except for the special edition issues).

  • The editor will be cooperate with the guest editor(s) to publish a cohesive NewsLetter.

Submitted material


  • Text: Word (.doc, .docx) or Text (.rtf, .rtfd, .txt)

  • Table: Excel (.xls, .xlsx)

  • Slideshow presentation: PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)

The Editorial Board requests that all material submitted by Guest Editors and other contributors should conform to one of the above formats.


  • Short contributions of around half an A4 page or less will be inserted directly into the body of the NewsLetter.

  • For longer contributions, the first sentence will appear in the body of the NewsLetter, with the full text available, either in a webpage format (.html), or in a PDF format (.pdf), accessible through interactive links in the body of the NewsLetter.


  • Standard format (.jpg, .gif).

  • Definition and size: black & white, grey scale or coloured, not exceeding 750Kb.

  • Large pictures will be inserted as a miniature that can be expanded by a click of the mouse.

  • Credits must be provided for the source of all photos.

For all texts (reports, contributions, etc ...) 

a footer will be provided as described below

  • bottom left: e.g. © ECTN Association / EC2E2N NewsLetter 2011, 12(01).

  • bottom centre: short title / author name, city, country code.

  • bottom right: pagination.

  • document (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) converted into the Universal format: Acrobat (.pdf).

Scientific papers

  • The Editorial Board requests that proof of authorization from the original Author and/or Editor be provided, before any paper already published in a peer review journal or edition, or any paper that has been translated into another language from the original published in a peer review journal or edition, is published in the NewsLetter online.

Authors, Contributors

  • Provide, First name, Last name, Institution, City, Country.

  • Each contributor should indicate clearly if he/she wants to have his/her email address included at the end of the article or contribution.

  • emails appearing in the NewsLetter or on any of our website pages will be scripted in Java to avoid automatic robot query, scan, or investigation to extract lists of emails for unwanted, unsolicited, or unauthorized use.



The editor will send an agenda and schedule for publication to the guest editor, in good time, generally one month ahead of the submission deadline with a subsequent reminder 2 weeks later.

The guest editor will be required to submit a complete set of material for the NewsLetter to the editor, by email, at least one week before the intended date of publication (see agenda), in order to allow time for the publication of a draft version to enable guest editors and contributors to review the draft online before general release of the NewsLetter.

A draft version URL will be made available online, roughly one week before general publication, and will be circulated to all authors for review. guest editors are requested to encourage all authors to confirm that they have read over their articles and to indicate any corrections that they feel are necessary as quickly as possible. In the absence of any reply from contributors the editor can only conclude that the article as included in the draft is acceptable.

No changes can be accepted on the day of publication.

POLICY: Dissemination list

The NewsLetter is distributed to all of our registered members

  • ECTN Association and EC2E2N contact persons.
  • Label Committee and EChemTest Committee.
  • Contact persons from Eurolabels applications.
  • Contact persons from partners or institutions or privates persons having requested to be on the list (from European and non-European countries).
  • Persons requesting an EChemTest account online.

Privacy is our concern

  • our dissemination list will never be given or transferred to any other party, or supplied for any commercial purposes.
  • a contact person can request to change his/her email at any time.
  • a contact person can request to be withdrawn from the dissemination list at any time.

INFORMATION provided at the end of each NewsLetter 

As a registered member of the EC2E2N NewsLetter we feel it is important to keep you up-to-date with new developments regarding European Chemistry Activities. If you would like to change your email address, please click on the "Change" option. If you would prefer not to receive any more of these emails, please click on the "Unsubscribe" option. []   []   []  

The inclusion of adverts is for information purposes only. Any subsequent dealings with a third party as a result of any advert included within the NewsLetter are solely between you and the advertiser. ECTN Association & ECEEN Association can accept no liability as a result of any such dealings.