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Editorial Programme 2012 - 2015

2015: 5 issues over the year plus a special edition

2014: 5 issues over the year plus a special edition

2013: 5 issues over the year plus a special edition (click on "NewsLetter Archives" menu)

2012: 5 issues over the year plus a special edition (click on "NewsLetter Archives" menu)

  • Regular Editions: February, April, July, October, December
  • Special Edition: Africa Middel East #2, November

Editorial Programme 2011

NewsLetter December 2010

I have the great pleasure on behalf of the EC2E2N Network and ECTN Association, to announce the special 2011 IYC Editorial programme of our NewsLetter. A number of Chemical Societies members of the Association have accepted to be our Guest or co-Guest Editor during the coming year. May all of them be warmly thanked.
Mainly dedicated to IYC activities, they will certainly cover other domains of interest in the chemistry field. We will discover them along the year. We are also pleased to welcome 2 special editions trying our best to enligth a wide diversity of contexts and IYC interpretations. And as usual, each issue will welcome other contributions during the coming year, do not hesitate to contact us at There will be no edition in August and the closing issue of this serie will involve ECRB (European Chemist Registration Board) as Guest Editor at the beginning of 2012.
I'd like to take this opportunity to officially thank Prof. Masato Ito, University of Soka (Japan), guest of the online Chemical Education Journal, for his appreciated action. He is kindly forwarding regularly our NewsLetter to the wide community Members of the Asia-Pacific Chemical Education Network (ACEN), created under the auspices of the Federation of the Asian Chemical Societies (FACS).

Pascal Mimero
NewsLetter Editor

The 2011 NewsLetter editorial programme 

covering the International Year of Chemistry as follow:

1. Italy (SCI) - 2. Czech Rep (CSCh) & Slovakia (SChS) - 3. France (SCF) - 4. Germany (GDCh) - 5. Ireland (ICI) - 6/7. Netherlands (KNCV) - 8. Romania (RSC) - 9. Africa & Middle East (Congo, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Mauritius, Morocco, Niger, Nigeria, South-Africa, Tanzania) - 10. Latin America (Brazil, Mexico, Central America, South-America) - 11. United Kingdom (RSC).

Past editorial programme modification 2000-2010

October 2010:
By decision of the ECTNA Administrative Council and according to the agreed EC2E2N communication plan, there will be a special editorial line during the 2011 International Year of Chemistry with 11 issues.

September 2009 :
By decision of the ECTNA Administrative Council and according to the agreed EC2E2N communication plan, there will be a 5 issues per year over the 2009-2013 period.

April 2009 :
By decision of the ECTNA Administrative Council, and starting in July/August, a guest editor will be invited for each NewsLetter edition to assist the editor and to provide more informational resources and contribute to wider the topics published. The 3 first were nominated by the AC, they all accepted the challenge. Thanks to them.

September 2008 :
By decision of the ECTNA Administrative Council, the number of issues will be 3 per year starting in 2009, instead of 5 currently. We reserve our rights to publish 1 or 2 special issues in between according to very important notice we would consider as important to circulate among our registered readers.

Disclaimer information / October 2003 :
Information added at the bottom of each NewsLetter and on the Email sent for the dissemination of the ECTN NewsLetter. 

The NewsLetter changes in 2002 :
As a decision of the ECTN Administrative Council (September 2002), some changes were agreed as the new Association was officially approved by the Ministry of Justice. In order to assure a high quality for the NewsLetter and a more valuable content, the NewsLetter will become a bimonthly electronic edition of the ECTN Association. 5 issues per year (February, April, June, October, December), instead of 11, will now be published.

Origin of the NewsLetter :
Originally, at an earlier stage before the year 2000, this bulletin was published occasionally to inform only the 40 to 50 members of the Network involved in the «Objective 1 - Evaluation of Core Chemistry» project. The progress of this project regarding the development of the CDRom Demonstrator and the Main Question Bank was on focus ; then since March 2000, it started to be published on a monthly basis and to be disseminated to the whole Network / ECTN collaborators, i.e. approximately one hundred at that time. Slightly, to fit the general interest, it integrates general or accurate information related to the various ECTN activities, such as projects, en-cours, dissemination programme, etc.