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Dear EC2E2N NewsLetter Readers,

Welcome to our NewsLetter website. Created in 1999 for internal Network purposes only, the News rapidly growths up and is now disseminated outside of the Network and outside of Europe as a NewsLetter. 

Originally dedicated to the ECTN Association and the European Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Education Network information and work progress, it now includes contributions from various origins dealing with Education in Chemistry and Chemical Education, from/within the European Higher Education Area and the extended European area. A Guest Editor organization has been setup to enlarge the scope and to broaden the dissemination.  

Now published regularly 5 times a year on a bimonthly schedule, the electronic bulletin is sent by e-mail to all members and registered readers (free service). Since the International Year of Chemistry in 2011, it now integrates within the yearly editorial line, at least one special edition dedicated either to a specific geographical area or another topic related to Chemical Education.

After 19 years of regular and faithfull services, the EC2E2N NewsLetter will reborn soon to serve as the communication media of the ECTN Association. The anniversary issue originally scheduled end of December 2015, has to be postponed due to various technical issues and is re-scheduled most probably between end of March 2016 and end of April 2016.

If you have any suggestion to improve the News services for the next 10 years, feel free to contact us ;-)

Pascal Mimero
NewsLetter Resident Editor

  • 14.11.2015: The October 2015 NewsLetter is now online.
  • 27.06.2015: The June 2015 Newsletter is now online
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