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ISSN 2309-5911

2015, V16:

 N06 December - Guest: Anthony Smith, Lyon, FR: 19th Years of Networking, a retrospective
N04 October -  
N03 June - Guest: Reiner Salzer, DE; Thema: Eurolabels®
N02 April - Guest: 
Ray Wallace, UK; Thema: Work Place Learning & Sandwich Course 
N01 February
- Guest: Iwona Maciejowska, Kraków, PL: Chemistry Teaching and Learning

2014, V15:

N06 December - Guest: 
N05 October - Guest: Antonio Lagana, Perugia, IT; Thema: Virtual Education Community
N04 June - Guest: Franco de Angelis, IT, President of the ECTN Association
N03 April - Guest: Ottilia Mo, Madrid, ES, Plenary Meeting Host  
N02 February 
N01 January - Special Edition Green Chemistry Guests Group (ZA, IT, BR, RU)

2013, V14:

N06 December 2013 Guest: N. Faginas-Lago, Perugia IT
N05 November 2013 Spe Ed Russia - Guest: T.Shekhovtsova, Moscow RU
N04 October 2013Guest: G.Borzone, Genova IT  
N03 June 2013Guest: Francesco de Angelis (IT)  
N02 March 2013Guest: Egbert Mulder, Utrecht NL, Plenary Meeting Host
N01 February 2013

2012, V13:

N01 February 2012Guest: Pavel Drasar, ECRB
N02 March 2012Guest: Elena Selli, Milano IT, Plenary Meeting Host
N03 June 2012Guest: Evangelia Varella, ECTN-A President
N04 October 2012Guest: Kristiina Wähälä, Helsinki FI
N05 November - Spe Africa Middle-East 2 - 2012Guest Lead: L.Mammino (ZA) and R.Mamlok (IL) 
N06 December 2012Guest: -

2011, V12 - IYC Special Programme

N01 January 2011Guest: Antonio Lagana, Perugia IT & SCI
N02 March 2011Guests: Pavel Drašar, Prague CZ & Marta Sališová, Bratislava SK
N03 April 2011Guest: Olivier Homolle, SCF
N04 May 2011Guest: Mickael Dröscher, GDCh
N05 June 2011Guest: Brian Murray, ICI  N06 July 2011 (cancelled) Guests: ASIIN, GÖCh
N07 September 2011Guest: Gabrielle Donné & Robert Dankers, KNCV
N08 October 2011Guest: M.D. Stanescu, Romanian Chem Soc
N09 October - Spe Africa Middle-East - 2011Guests: 5 countries (see the News)
N10 November - Spe South & Central Americas - 2011Guests: Jorge G.Ibanez (MX)
N11 December 2011Guest: Brian Emsley, RSC

2010, V11: 

N01 February 2010Guest: Bill Byers, Ulster UK
N02 April 2010 Guest: -
N03 June/July 2010Guest: Sébastien Gagneur, Lyon FR
N04 October 2010Guests: Kristiina Wähälä, Helsinki FI & Ilkka Turunen, Lappeenrenta FI
N05 December 2010Guest: Ilka Parchmann, Kiel DE

2009, V10: 

N01 April 2009 Guest: -
N02 July/August 2009Guest: Kristiina Wähälä, Helsinki FI
N03 September 2009 Guest: -
N04 December 2009Guest: Leo Gros, Fresenius DE

2000-2008: Archives before the Guest Editor Management

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