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An ECTN Association Publication since 2000 - April 2014, Vol. 15, N. 03

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  • Foreword
  • Association and Network: Plenary Meeting and General Assembly ; EC2E2N Network (WP#01 Call for participation; WP#03 COST Actions; WP#06 updates)
  • Communication, Websites and NewsLetter
  • Virtual Education Community: EChemTest Test Center's Activities
  • News from: Africa (Natural Product Chemistry; 5th ICGC Durban ZA) Europe (European Quality Label helps the Chemistry Education) South-America (2nd ICSE Conference)
  • Conference's Agenda



Dear EC2E2N2 Newsletters readers,

On behalf of the organizing committee it is my pleasure to invite all our colleagues of the ECTN Association to actively participate in the 2014 Annual Meeting in Madrid (Spain) from Thursday 24th to Saturday 26th April. We will start the 24th with meetings of various committees and finish the day with the official Opening Ceremony in the “Paraninfo de San Bernardo” in the centre of Madrid. I highly recommend you to join all of us in this ceremony in the magnificent building which dates back to the 17th century and was built as a novitiate house of Jesuits and since 1852 has been used as “Aula Magna” by the University Complutense of Madrid since.

Friday and Saturday we will be working days at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Cantoblanco. There will be an excursion on Friday afternoon to Alcalá de Henares where we will visit the historical sites of the Universidad of Alcalá (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and this will be followed by the Conference Banquet.

The meeting is organized by the four public Universities of Madrid, which belong to ECTN, namely University Complutense (84,000 students) in central-west Madrid; Autónoma (31,000 students) north of Madrid; Alcalá (30,000 students) east of Madrid; and Rey Juan Carlos (39,000 students) south of Madrid. Please find further information concerning the conference at the Plenary Meeting website

For those of you that can stay a little longer in the city you might enjoy visiting old Madrid with its wonderful historical sites and fantastic museums.

Organizing Committee: Otilia Mó and Diego Cárdenas (Univ Autónoma of Madrid); Francisco Gavilanes, Alfredo Láinez and Juan Antonio Rodríguez-Renuncio (Univ. Complutense of Madrid); Sanjiv Prashar (Univ. Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid); M. Melia Rodrigo (Univ. Alcalá de Henares).

Enjoy your reading!

flag_eu-es_spain.gif Otilia MÓGuest Editor
Dep. Of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University Autónoma of Madrid. Cantoblanco, Spain


Association and Network

flag_eu-fr_france.gif Anthony Smith, CPE Lyon, France (EU)

   ECTN Association Secretary - Contact:
   Network coordinator - Contact:

EC2E2N - Plenary Meeting 2014

flag_eu-fr_france.gif by Anthony Smith, Lyon FR - ECTN Association Secretary

The 2014 Plenary meeting of the EC2E2N 2 project will take place in Madrid, ES on 25 – 26 April 2014. Details of the meeting can be found at:

Registration for this meeting is now closed. 

Over 170 participants have registered for the meeting which promises to be the best yet!

I look forward to seeing you there.

ECTN Association - General Assembly 2014

flag_eu-fr_france.gif by Anthony Smith, Lyon FR (E.U.) - Network Coordinator

A reminder that the ECTN Association General Assembly will be held in Madrid, ES on 26 April 2014 under the Presidency of Francesco de Angelis (L’Aquila, IT).

At this General Assembly elections will take place for membership of the Label Committee. Information about this has been sent to all Association members. This is a very important time in the life of the Association as it starts to make plans for life after the end of the network projects and this is your chance to influence its future activities. As one of the starting points for these plans, changes in the statutes of the Association have been proposed by the Administrative Council and these changes will be voted on during the General Assembly. All contact persons of ECTN members have been sent a copy of the proposed new statutes.

Please be reminded that membership fees for 2013 (or 2014 for new members) must have been paid in order to be eligible to vote in the elections.

The next meeting of the Administrative Council will take place on 24th April 2013 in Madrid. Any member wishing to add items to the agenda for this meeting are invited to send them to Tony Smith as soon as possible.

You are not a member of the Association? Why not join?

The Association is becoming increasingly active and influential in higher education in chemistry in Europe. The quality labels for bachelor, master, and doctorate, the EChemTest which is now developing rapidly towards more widespread use by the membership of the Association, participation in the virtual education area in general, and development of intensive schools and student contests are just some of the Association activities. Contact Tony Smith for details of how to join the Association and become involved, as well as obtain the many advantages offered by membership.

EC2E2N Network

Work Package 01: Towards Excellence in School and University Teaching - Call 

flag_eu-uk_unitedkingdom.gif by Bill Byers, Ulster UK (E.U.)

   Contact the Author:

Let’s Leave Some Footprints in the Sand

Invitation to Join the Database of Expertise in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Teaching

The European Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Thematic Network (EC2E2N) is currently compiling a database of areas of expertise related to the teaching of Chemistry/Chemical Engineering in Higher Education as part of its on-going project. The working group dealing with the database has identified 15 main headings which include Interactive Lecturing, Practical Work and Group Work and these have been divided into a total of 52 sub-topics. For example, Interactive Lecturing has been further divided into the seven topics: Incomplete Hand-outs, Questioning, Lecture Breaks, Audience Response Systems (Clickers), Flipped Lectures, Online Classrooms and Lecture Demonstrations. It is hoped that the database will initially serve two independent roles. Firstly the brief descriptors of topics related to teaching will provide an easy point of reference for new or experienced lecturers wishing to enhance or expand their teaching and secondly the database will provide details of individuals who have expertise in each of the topics described. This will enable universities or individual lecturers to identify appropriate individuals to consult for help or invite to their institutions to promote appropriate improvements in teaching and learning. Further uses are likely to evolve as the number of records stored in the database increases.

The database is hosted within the Starfish database ( at the University of Amsterdam and can be accessed by depressing control and clicking on the web address.  Entering #EC2E2N on the Starfish homepage and clicking on the search button will enter the Teaching Expertise database; alternatively entering e.g. @billbyers will access the record of a named individual. Our initial emphasis has been on preparing and loading records into the database. Once sufficient records are loaded we will move on to developing structures within the database. A number of individuals have so far entered personal records in the database but given that the Network is actively concerned with the teaching dimension of university activities we would hope that all members of the Network have interest and expertise in at least some aspects of teaching and will be willing to be listed within the database. We would therefore invite you to submit a personal profile to be entered into the database. To help with this a simple google form has been developed. Please depress control, click on the following web address, fill in the form and press return.

Many thanks

Work Package 03: Entrepreneurship - COST Actions 

flag_eu-it_italia.gif by Antonio Lagana, Perugia  IT (E.U.)

   Contact the WP Leader:

COST Actions: A Great Opportunity as Incubators for Molecular Science and Technology Conference, was held in Brussels (Belgium) on 27 and 28 March 2014. The event hosted entrepreneurs, researchers and policy makers whose individual presentations and interventions during a roundtable debate focused on the main challenges behind technology transfer in today's European Research Area. Several spin-offs resulting from COST CMST Actions were also showcased, as participants also reflected on the real benefits SMEs have by joining COST Actions activities.

A short film relates the event (visit also the COST portal www.cost.eufor more information). The item will be discussed during the WG#03 meeting in Madrid.

Work Package 06:  Broadening Student Horizons - Activity Report 

flag_eu-it_italia.gif by Gabriella Borzone, Genova IT (E.U.)

   Contact the WP Leader:

The WP06 has updated its webpage section with the with the Report presenting las February in Madrid and Announcement of the Plenary meetign summary. Read all at the documents at the WP webpage URL.

Communication, Websites and NewsLetter

flag_eu-fr_france.gif by Pascal Mimero, CPE Lyon FR (E.U.) - EC2E2N Communication Manager and Editorial Board Chair

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The next edition in June is a Regular one. If you'd like to contribute, you can contact either the Guest Editor, or the Resident Editor, from that URL page

Would you like to contribute ? to become Guest Editor ? to suggest improvments ? feel free to contact us / to leave a message at the Resident Editor email.

   Contact the Resident Editor:

Green Chemistry Special Edition 2014: Visited from 68 countries since February 2, 2014. The Top 10 countries are representing a cumulated direct traffic of 68%:

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We also welcome our first visitors from Algeria, Benin, Costa Rica, Nepal, Thailand and Trinidad & Tobago.  

For the whole NewsLetter website, US made the major increase with the number of visits (2014 Q1 vs 2013 Q4; now ranked #3 on the Top 10).

Virtual Education Community


flag_eu-fr_france.gif Pascal Mimero, CPE Lyon, France (EU) - VEC SC Vice Chair


Test Centers Activities : March - June 2014

  • flag_eu-hu_hungary.gifTCA Budapest: Multiple sessions with the Engish version of Analytical, Biological, Inorganic, Organic, Physical Chemistry at Level 3; at the Eotvos Lorand University of Budapest.
  • flag_eu-gr_greece.gifTCA Thessaloniki: Multiple sessions with the Greek version of General Chemistry 1 & 2.
  • flag_eu-at_austria.gifTCA Vienna: Sessions with the German version of Organic Chemistry 3.

You can join each test center administration using the standardized email "", replacing "city" by the name of one of the cities hosting a test center: Amsterdam, Budapest, Helsinki, Krakow, Ljubljana, Lyon, Madrid, Perugia, Thessaloniki, Vienna (visit us 

News from everywhere ...

Africa / Middle-East

Call for papers: Open Special Issue in Natural Product Chemistry  (JOC, IF = 0.484)

flag_as-sa_saudiarabia.gif Ahmed Fazari, Abha (Saudi Arabia)

Natural products are an excellent reservoir of biologically active compounds, in which, for long time, extracts from natural products have been a main source of folk medicines, and, even today, many cultures still employ them directly for medicinal purposes. Natural product chemistry turned to be an interdisciplinary science, where the success of a chemist would only be possible in close collaboration with biologists, pharmacologists, and clinics. Thus many novel biological activities could only have emerged from the natural products arena.

We would like to invite researchers to submit their original research articles as well as review articles that may shed some light on the latest and outstanding developments in natural products. We are particularly interested in research articles belonging to the area of natural products research. Contributions may relate to the chemistry and/or biochemistry of naturally occurring compounds or the biology of living systems from which they are obtained. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Isolation, purification, and structure elucidation of novel natural constituents

  • Physiologically active chemical compounds from terrestrial, marine plants, and animals

  • Synthesis, biosynthesis, and microbiological transformations of natural chemical compounds

  • Pharmacognosy of chemical compounds of natural origin

  • Development processes of various classes of natural products and their utilization

The most recent Impact Factor for Journal of Chemistry is 0.484 according to 2012 Journal Citation Reports released by Thomson Reuters (ISI) in 2013. Before submission authors should carefully read over the journal's Author Guidelines, which are located at Prospective authors should submit an electronic copy of their complete manuscript through the journal Manuscript Tracking System at according to the following timetable:

  • Manuscript Due: Friday, 3 October 2014
  • First Round of Reviews: Friday, 26 December 2014
  • Publication Date: Friday, 20 February 2015 

Lead Guest Editor

  • Ahmed E. Fazary [mailto: aefazary(at)]
    Applied Research Sector, Egyptian Organization for Biological Products and Vaccines, VACSERA Holding Company, Agouza, Giza, Egypt

Guest Editors

  • Kamel Shaker [mailto: kelian(at)]
    Chemistry Department, King Khalid University, Abha, Saudi Arabia
  • Sylvia Urban [mailto: sylvia.urban(at)]
    School of Applied Sciences, Discipline of Applied Chemistry, RMIT University, Melbourne, VIC 3001, Australia
  • Pei-Wen Hsieh [mailto: pewehs(at)]
    Graduate Institute of Natural Products, Chang Gung University, Tao-Yuan, Taiwan
  • María I. P. Martín [mailto: ines(at)]
    Instituto de Productos Naturales y Agrobiología del C.S.I.C. Carretera de la Esperanza 3, La Laguna, 38203 Tenerife, Spain 

Thanks & Best Regards

Dr. Ahmed Eid Fazary

Assistant Professor of Applied Chemistry
Chemistry Department, Faculty of Science
King Khalid University, Abha 9004,
Saudi Arabia.

Work Tel.: +966-17-241-8343.
Fax: +966172417637. 

   E-mail: ;

Applied Research Sector,
Egyptian Organization for Biological Products and Vaccines,
51 Wezaret El-Zeraa St., Agouza,
Giza, Egypt.

Tel: +2-02-237611111 ext. 7273,
Fax. +2-02-3369872.
Tel: +20822183538,
Cell Phone: +201003017357.      


فقم بعـلم ولاتبغى بـه بدلاً*** فالناس موتى وأهل العلم أحياء

صبر على مـر الجفـا من معلم ... فإن رسوب العلم في نفراته

ومن لم يذق مر التعلم ساعــة ... تجرع ذل الجهل طول حياته

ومن فاته التعليم وقت شبابــه ... فكبر عليه أربعا لوفاتــه

وذات الفتى والله بالعلم والتقى ... إذا لم يكونا لا اعتبار لذاته

5th ICGC International Conference on Green Chemistry - Durban ZA - August 2014

flag_af-za_southafrica.gif by Liliana Mamino, Venda (South-Africa) - Organizer - SACI Conference Advert Circulation 

Image description

Key Dates

10.02.2014: Registration and Abstract submission opens
30.04.2014: Deadline for Submission of Abstracts and Preliminary Registration Form 
15.05.2014: Notification of Acceptance of Abstracts          
31.05.2014: Deadline for Early Bird Registration
30.06.2014: Last day for Registrations

For more info visit:

The main objective of the conference is to emphasise the importance of green chemistry for sustainable development, and to promote novel research and novel collaborations, by bringing together experts and interested parties from all over the world and from diverse bodies – from the academia to the industry and to governments.  The conference will be a multidisciplinary event considering all the major areas of green chemistry, including green synthesis processes, catalysis, environmentally benign solvents, energy storage, biofuels, green chemistry education, policies, and many other interesting topics. Interfaces with other sciences and other research areas will be actively encouraged. Special attention will also be given to the roles of green chemistry in fast-growing economies and to the promotion of green chemistry in the African continent. Warmest welcome to the 5th IUPAC International Conference on Green Chemistry, that will be held in Durban (South Africa), 17-21 August 2014 at the Elangeni. SACI.



Evropská známka kvality pomáhá chemickému vzděláváni
(European Quality Label helps the Chemistry Education)

flag_eu-cz_czechrep.gif by Pavel Drasar, Prague, CZ (E.U.)

Read / Download the article (PDF / czech version / 247 Kb)

South America

Congress joined events, to be held at Foz do Iguaçu PR, Brazil / August 27-30, 2014 
2nd ICSE - International Congress of Science Education
15th Year of the Journal of Science Education 

flag_sa-br_brazil.gif by Yuri Orlik, Foz do Iguaçu PR, Brazil - Contact:


Dear Participants, 

Thank you for your pre-registration. We send you in attach. the 2d Circular of the Congress with information about presentation of abstracts and other.

With good wishes,
Y. Orlik
UNILA Brazil

Congress web :

Download the 2nd Congress Circular [834 Kb]

Conferences' Agenda


flag_eu-de_germany.gif 22nd Symposium on Chemistry and Science Education - Bremen DE, June 19-21, 2014

flag_af-mu_mauritius.gif ICPAC 2014 - Mauritius, June 23-27, 2014

flag_eu-pl_poland.gif 6th International Conference on Research DidSci 2014 - Krakow PL, June 24-25, 2014

flag_eu-fi_finland.gif ECRICE 2014 - Jyväskylä FI, July 6-10, 2014

flag_na-ca_canada.gif ICCE 2014 - Toronto ON CA, July 13-18, 2014

flag_af-za_southafrica.gif ICGC 2014 - Durban ZA, August 17-21, 2014  

flag_sa-br_brazil.gif ICSE 2014 - Foz do Iguaçu PR BR, August 27-30, 2014

flag_as-tr_turkey.gif ECC 2014 - Istanbul TR, August 31 - September 4, 2014