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An ECTN Association Publication since 2000 - June 2014, Vol. 15, N. 04

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  • Foreword: ECTN 2015 Roadmap
  • Association and Network: Network Plenary Meeting 2014 Report; Association General Assembly 2014 Reprot; EC2E2N Network (WP#01 Activity Report; WP#03 Activity Report + A Cluster of Spinoffs; WP#06 Activity Report; WG#8-11 Interrim Report).
  • Label Committee: 10 years of Chemistry Eurolabels®
  • Communication, Websites and NewsLetter: Special Issues 2011 Feedback; Special GreenChem 2014 dissemination.
  • Virtual Education Community: EChemTest Test Center's Activities; Chemistry Distributed Environment.
  • News from everywhere ... Africa/Middel-East (AJCE Special Issues: Lectures in Chemistry Education at ACRICE 2013; Conferences in Nigeria: 2014 Announcements and Proceedings; Green Chemistry Education at the 5th International Conference on Green Chemistry, Durban ZA; Report on the 10th TCCA and ESAECC Joint Conferences held in Venda ZA) ; Asia-Pacific (ACEN Announcements)Europe (2013 European Employement Survey for Chemists and Chemical Engineers comlpeted with EuCheMS References; EYCN Awards 2014; Neuroscience&Cognition Utrecht (NCU) again as one of its Focal Research Areas)
  • Conference's Agenda



Dear EC2E2N2 Newsletters readers,

This June edition is presenting as usual a large variety of reports from our community (Network, Association, Committees) and also from everywhere as it is now the regular information provided in our column. 

And now as a stragegic foreword, a very important issue for our ECTN / EC2E2N community, the Resident Editor will leave the word to Francesco De Angelis, our ECTN Association President, introducing the Roadmap “ECTN 2015” : developing a sustainable future for ECTN (European Chemistry Thematic Network).

Enjoy your reading!

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flag_eu-it_italia.gif Prof. Francesco DE ANGELIS, FRSC, Guest Editor

EuCheMS Treasurer (go to page)
Full Professor of Organic Chemistry
University of l'Aquila, IT

Roadmap "ECTN 2015"
Download the PDF File / 128 Kb

Association and Network

flag_eu-fr_france.gif Anthony Smith, CPE Lyon, France (EU)

   ECTN Association Secretary - Contact:
   Network coordinator - Contact:

EC2E2N - Plenary Meeting 2014

flag_eu-fr_france.gif by Anthony Smith, Lyon FR - ECTN Association Secretary

The 2014 EC2E2N2 Plenary meeting was held in Madrid on the campus of the Autonoma University, on 25 - 26 April 2014. The meeting was organised exceptionally well by a team from four of the Madrid Universities (Autonoma, Complutense, Rey Juan Carlos and Alcala) led by Otilia Mo. We thank all those involved in the organisation for working so hard to ensure that the meeting ran smoothly.

There were over 170 participants from 34 countries, a record attendance for this 18th edition of our annual meeting. As was the case at the Utrecht meeting in 2013, this was mainly a working meeting. This enabled the 7 working groups of the project to make significant advances in their work.

There were two excellent plenary lectures, one from two representatives from ANECA, the Spanish national accreditation agency, and one from Dr Jarka Glassey, University of Newcastle, UK, who is coordinating a European project in Chemical Engineering. We look forward to working together in the future with both ANECA (, who are interested in our Eurolabels, and with Jarka Glassey to maintain close links with her Chemical Engineering project.

There was also a presentation from Francesco de Angelis, President of the ECTN Association on the future of the ECTN ( Given that the network project will end in September 2015 and that there is no possibility in the new Erasmus+ programme to apply for a large academic network, the ECTN must plan for a sustainable future for itself and for the outcomes of the various network projects.

Reiner Salzer (Chair of the ECTN Label Committee) also gave a short presentation to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Eurolabels (

The meeting began with a reception in the magnificent Salon de Actos San Berdardo of the Complutense University of Madrid, located in the centre of Madrid, generously hosted by the university. We were honoured by the presence of the Rectors or Vice-Rectors of the four organising universities. With ample time for working group sessions, the meeting succeeded in allowing all working groups to move forward in their work and plan their future activities.

Following the previous success of the student competitions, the contests were held again this year and there was a prize giving ceremony for the student winners for both the EChemTest competition and the competition to create a media product showing the use of chemistry. We send many congratulations to the winners, and to all those who participated in the competitions.

The meeting also featured ECTN working sessions on Virtual Education and the EChemTest ( and a session for Eurolabel holders. The contributors to the working groups, especially the working group leaders, are thanked for all the work they did to make the meeting a success and to advance the work of the EC2E2N 2 project (

Next year the annual meeting will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia and will be from Sunday 26 – Wednesday 29 April 2015. Make a note in your diary now. This will be the 19th and last annual meeting of the network, so please make a special effort to attend. The next meeting of the EC2E2N2 Management Committee will take place on 26-27 September 2014 in Kralow, Poland.

ECTN Association - General Assembly 2014

flag_eu-fr_france.gif by Anthony Smith, Lyon FR (E.U.) - Network Coordinator

The ECTN Association General Assembly was held in Madrid, Spain on 26 April 2015 under the Presidency of Francesco de Angelis (L’Aquila). The Assembly approved the accounts for 2013 and the budget for 2015, as well as an amended budget for 2014. The membership fee will remain at 350 Euros. The Assembly also approved the new statutes of the Association which have been amended to take account of the period after September 2015 when there will be no network project to help fund the meetings of the Association. The members were reminded that they can make use of the EChemTest suite of tests for free and are encouraged to use this important tool which provides a major advantage for ECTN Association members.

Elections for the Label Committee were held. There were 7 candidates for 3 positions on the Committee. The following members are congratulated on being elected to the Committee and can look forward to a busy time over the next two years:

  • Erwin Rosenberg (TU Wien, AT)
  • Martino de Serio (Napoli, IT)
  • Kristiina Wähälä (Helsinki, FI)

In accordance with the new by-laws for the composition of the Label Committee, two further members of the committee will be appointed by the Administrative Council. The President announced that contracts between three accreditation agencies and ECTN had been agreed, and representatives of these agencies (Antonio Lagana for the Italian Chemical Society,; Iring Wasser for ASIIN, Germany,; Henryk Koroniak for UKA, Poland, were presented with these contracts. The ECTN looks forward to further fruitful collaboration with them in promoting and awarding Eurolabels (

The next General Assembly of the Association will take place in April 2015 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The precise date within the period 26 – 29 April 2015 will be communicated to all members later. The next meeting of the ECTN Administrative Council will take place in Krakow, Poland on 26 -27 September 2014. Any member who wishes to add an item to the agenda of this meeting is asked to contact Tony Smith.

You are not a member of the Association? Why not join?

The Association is becoming increasingly active and influential in higher education in chemistry in Europe. The quality labels for bachelor, master, and doctorate, the EChemTest which is now developing rapidly towards more widespread use by the membership of the Association, participation in the virtual education area in general, and development of intensive schools and student contests are just some of the Association activities. Contact Tony Smith for details of how to join the Association and become involved, as well as obtain the many advantages offered by membership.

EC2E2N Network

Work Package 01: Towards Excellence in School and University Teaching 

flag_eu-pl_poland.gif by Iwona Maciejowska, Kraków PL (E.U.)

   Contact the WP Leader:

From the url webpage, you will have access to the activity reports, the recent Database progress presented in Madrid (April 2014) and the presentation of Starfish ... have a look, be curious, it is an interesting connectivity database linking skills and competences. A great job made by the WP Members and development team.

Work Package 03: Entrepreneurship 

flag_eu-it_italia.gif by Antonio Lagana, Perugia  IT (E.U.)

   Contact the WP Leader:

From the url webpage,
all activity reports of the group until Madrid Plenary Meeting 2014.

Read the recent contribution of A. Lagana dealing with a cluster of spinoffs to serve ECTN Services 

A Cluster of Spinoffs to support Provision of ECTN Services
Download the PDF File / 61 Kb

Work Package 06: Broadening Student Horizons

flag_eu-it_italia.gif by Gabreilla Borzone, Genoa IT (E.U.)

   Contact the WP Leader:

From the url webpage,
all activity reports of the group until Madrid Plenary Meeting 2014.

Work Package 08-11: Project Management

flag_eu-fr_france.gif by Anthony Smith, Lyon FR (E.U.)

   Contact the Network Coordinator:

From the url webpage, also accessible below
The Progress Report of the EC2E2N-2 Project released in June 2014.

2012-3697 Progress Report EC2E2N2 Public
Download the PDF File / 582 Kb

10 Years of Chemistry Eurolabels ®

flag_eu-de_germany.gif by Reiner Salzer, Dresden DE (E.U.) - Label Committee Chair

   Contact the Chair:

The year 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of the approval of the Eurolabel® quality requirements for chemistry education. This anniversary invites for stock-taking, a discussion of necessary improvements and an outlook to imminent developments. A discussion meeting was organised in Madrid in April 2014, during the Annual Meeting of EC2E2N. Label holders critically reviewed the experience with their Eurolabel®, described the benefits after being awarded the label, pointed to difficulties with requirements imposed by the label and solutions found to overcome such problems (...)

10 Years Chemistry Eurolabels®
Download the PDF File / 631 Kb

Communication, Websites and NewsLetter

flag_eu-fr_france.gif by Pascal Mimero, CPE Lyon FR (E.U.) - EC2E2N Communication Manager and Editorial Board Chair

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The next regular edition is schedule in October. If you'd like to contribute, you can contact either the Guest Editor, or the Resident Editor, from our URL page

   Contact the Resident Editor:

Special IYC 2011 - NewsLetter Feedbacks

:Latin America 2011:
#1 at the Box office, as the most visited NewsLetter overall !

Edited end of Nov. 2011, the grand total by April 21, 2014 was 3,428 visits and 5,083 times viewed. From the figures below - Year (Visits / Pages Views) - a very high traffic was recorded the 2nd year, and a rather important one even a 3rd year. Thanks again to our guest Jorge Ibanez (Mexico) and the invited Team for the valuable material.
[2011 (448/579), 2012 (2,273/3,575), 2013 (636/854), 2014 (71/75)]

Green Chemistry Special Edition 2014

Visited by 10 more countries since April, for a total of 78 countries since February 2, 2014. We welcome visitors from Albania, Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philipines, Uganda, Venezuela, Zimbabwe.

Statistics by RevolverMaps:  

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Virtual Education Community


flag_eu-fr_france.gif Pascal Mimero, CPE Lyon, France (EU) - VEC SC Vice Chair


Test Centers Activities : June-July 2014

  • flag_eu-fr_france.gif TCA Lyon: Multiple sessions with the English version of Generalc Chemistry 1, Analytical-Inorganic-Physical Chemistry at level 3 and Chemical Engineering Level 3 test;
  • flag_eu-es_spain.gif TCA Madrid: Multiple sessions with the Spanish version of General Chemistry 2;
  • flag_eu-it_italia.gif TCA Perugia :Multiple sessions with the Italian version of General Chemistry 2, Analytical-Inorganic-Organic-Physical Chemistry at Level 3, ran for the University of Genoa (Italy).

You can join each test center administration using the standardized email "", replacing "city" by the name of one of the cities hosting a test center: Amsterdam, Budapest, Helsinki, Krakow, Ljubljana, Lyon, Madrid, Perugia, Thessaloniki, Vienna (visit us 

Chemistry Distributed Environment

flag_eu-it_italia.gif by Antonio Lagana, Perugia IT (E.U.)

The definition of activities that can characterize the offer of services in a distributed environment is key to the end of achieving recognition (and eventually sustainability and growth) of a distributed community such as ECTN. This document describes some of the activities we believe should innerve the action of the ECTN Association in the years to come by paying special attention to the relationships with resource (including knowledge) providers, policy makers, SME & industry, and the final user as well. The frame developed within thanks to this endeavour will be illustrated in further detail in the fall edition of the ECTN 2014 Newsletter (October 2014).

Chemistry Distributed Environment
Download the PDF File / 75 Kb

News from everywhere ...

Africa / Middle-East

AJCE Special Issues : Lectures in Chemistry Education at ACRICE 2013 

flag_af-eg_egypt.gif Ahmeen Fahmy,  Egypt

On behalf of Prof. Temechegn Engida, please find a link to the 2 issues of the AJCE (ISSN 2227-5835 / SJIF 2012 = 3.963), dedicated to the ACRICE 2013 Conference Lectures in Chemistry Education (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, December 2013). Directly accessible via FASCHEM website (Federation of African Chemicla Societies /

Enjoy your reading.


Conferences in Nigeria : 2014 Announcements & Proceedings

flag_af-ng_nigeria.gif by Jacinta Opara, Abuja (Nigeria) 


Dear Colleagues,

Kindly find attached our 2014 conference's announcements in Abuja-Nigeria for circulation amongst members our network.

  • ICSTE 2014 - 3rd International Conference on Science and Technology, Abuja-Nigeria, September 1-3, 2014
  • AICSTE 2014 - 2nd Abuja International Conference in Sciences, Technology and Engineering, Abuja-Nigeria, October 13-16, 2014
  • AICWEER 2014 - 2nd Abuja International Conference on Water, Energy and Environmenta Research, Abuja-Nigeria, October 13-16, 2014
  • ICETCS 2014 - International Conference on Educational Technology and Curriculum Studies, Abuja-Nigeria, October 13-16, 2014
ICSTE2014, Abuja NG, 01-03.09.2014
Download the DOCX Word Document / 44 Kb
AICSTE2014, Abuja NG, 13-16.10.2014
Download the DOCX Word Document / 129 Kb
AICWEER2014, Abuja NG, 13-16.10.2014
Download the DOCX Word Document / 101 Kb
ICETCS2014, Abuja NG, 13-16.10.2014
Download the DOCX Word Document / 158 Kb

Kindly find attached our 2014 conference's books of Proceedings for circulation .

  • ICASE2014 - International Conference on Agriculture, Science and Engineering, FCE Pankshin-Plateau State-Nigeria, June 23-26, 2014
  • ICESR2014 - 3rd International Conference on Environmental Studies and Research, FCE Pankshin-Plateau State-Nigeria, June 23-26, 2014
  • IIC2014 - International Interdisciplinary Conferences, FCE Pankshin-Plateau State-Nigeria, June 23-26, 2014
ICASE2014 Proceedings, 23-26.06.2014
Download the DOCX Word Document / 2.18 Mb
ICESR2014 Proceedings, 23-26.06.2014
Download the ZIP Archive Document / 3.92 Mb
IIC2014 Proceedings, 23-26.06.2014
Download the DOCX Word Document / 721 Kb

Green Chemistry Education at the 5th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry

flag_af-za_southafrica.gif by Liliana Mammino, Venda (South-Africa)


The 5th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry will be held in Durban (South Africa), from 17-21 August 2014. It features all aspects of green chemistry, offering ideal opportunities for exchanges on the latest research achievements, trends and challenges.

Furthermore, the conference also devotes ample space to green chemistry education, in view of its importance both for the dissemination of information in general, and to attract young chemists to green chemistry research. Several activities will deal specifically with green chemistry education, such as:

  • A dedicated session on green chemistry education, within the conference.
  • A two-hour workshop (during the conference) on Choices for Chemists: Multiple Uses of Chemicals - A Hands-on Workshop, conducted by Prof. Peter Mahaffy (The King’s University College, Edmonton, Canada) and Prof Alistair Hay (University of Leeds, UK)
  • A pre-conference workshop/short course on green chemistry, conducted by Dr. Mary Kirchhoff (American Chemical Society) and meant mostly for students.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) – recipient of the 2013 Nobel Price for Peace – will also conduct a session on Sustainability and Security, which embraces both technical and educational aspects.

Chemistry educators have therefore lots of good reasons to attend the conference. A limited number of poster presentations can also still be accommodated if submitted not later than the 30th June. This is an excellent opportunity to share your experiences with other educators, scientists and students in Durban, the friendly holiday city.

Image description

<<< Left:  The conference tour acquainted participants with natural beauties and historical sites of the area, including the biggest baobab tree in the world (3500 years old).

A symbol, the elephant, the biggest from the "BIG 5" : Right >>>

Photo Credits:
Liliana Mammino 2014

Image description

Visit the official website:

2nd ICGC 2014 Announcement
Download the PDF File / 358 Kb

Joint Conferences
• 10th Theoretical Chemistry Conference in Africa (TCCA)
• Eastern and Southern Afirca Environmental Chemistry Conference (ESAECC)

flag_af-za_southafrica.gif by Liliana Mammino, Venda (South-Africa)


Image description

Some of the conference participants.

The joint conferences Tenth Theoretical Chemistry Conference in Africa and Eastern and Southern Africa Environmental Chemistry Conference were held at the University of Venda (South Africa) on 6-11 April 2014.

The Theoretical Chemistry Conferences in Africa (started as Workshops) were initiated by Prof. Geoffrey Kamau, of the University of Nairobi, and Prof. Liliana Mammino, to promote the development of theoretical/computational chemistry in Africa, where it is still a scarce skill area, absent from many countries despite its importance in fields like drug-design, the design of new substances, and the new fast-growing field of nanosciences and nanotechnologies. The first workshop was held in Nairobi (Kenya) in 1995. The Eastern and Southern Africa Environmental Chemistry Conferences came to be held jointly since 2001.

The conference at the University of Venda continued the tradition of bringing together chemists from Africa and beyond, to exchange ideas and research results in the fields of theoretical/computational chemistry and environmental chemistry and to foster collaboration opportunities, in a friendly and conducive atmosphere. It also highlighted explorations of cross-areas interfaces, including interfaces between theoretical & computational chemistry and several other areas of chemistry research. 

Asia - Pacific

ACEN Announcements

flag_as-jp_japan.gif by Masato Ito, Soka, JP - Manager of ACEN home page in Japan & mailing list / Chemical Education Jorunal (CEJ) Asian Edition in English


Note from the Resident Editor: Masato Ito is kindly including our EC2E2N NewsLetter reference, in the ACEN NewsLetter circulated regularly to the whole ACEN Community. On behalf of the Editorial Board, be thanked for your great and friendly service.

Objet : ACEN: Announcement April-May 2014

Dear ACEN colleagues,
Please find the April-May announcement of ACEN mailing list.

(1) Announcement on Chemical Education Journal (CEJ)
(2) Announcement on NICE 2015
(2) EC2E2N NewsLetter - April 2014, 15(3) from Dr. Pascal Mimero
(4) Conference Calendar

ACEN Announcement April-May 2014
Download the PDF File / 62 Kb


European Employment Survey  for Chemists and Chemical Engineers completed

flag_eu-de_germany.gif by Reiner Salzer, Dresden, DE (E.U.)


The idea for the project arose during the 4thEuCheMS Chemistry Congress Prague 2012. Several reasons convinced the partners for doing the survey. The value of such a feedback is evident from the regular surveys in the USA published by the American Chemical Society in Chemical & Engineering News. These data provide a detailed overview about the employment situation, salaries, demographic changes, expected skills, availability of jobs in the various areas within chemistry and even outside chemistry. The survey was commissioned by the the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission. The (...)

European Employment Survey
Download the PDF File / 754 Kb

Public consultation on a “European area of skills and qualifications”
The goal of this consultation was to collect the views of stakeholders and individuals on the problems faced by learners and workers with regard to the transparency and recognition of their skills and qualifications when moving within and between EU Member States, on the adequacy of the related European policies and instruments and on the potential benefits of developing a “European area of skills and qualifications”. 

For more information please see:

With the agreement of Nineta Majcen, General Secretary of EuCheMS, please find below the joint Statement EuCheMS-ECTN

European Area Skills and Qualitifactions - 2014 Public Consultation - Joint EuCheMS-ECTN Statement
Download the PDF File / 51 Kb

European Young Chemist Award 2014

flag_eu-it_italia.gif by Bruno Pignataro, Palermo IT (E.U.)

Sponsored by the EuCheMS, SCI, CNC, EYCN and the 5th ECC, the European Young Chemist Awards are given every two years during the EuCheMS Chemistry Congress. The European Young Chemists Award (EYCA) is intended to showcase and recognise the excellent research being carried out by young scientists working in the chemical sciences. Visit us

Neuroscience & Cognition Utrecht (NCU) again as one of its Focal Research Areas

flag_eu-nl_netherland.gif by Jos N.C. Koeckhoven, Utrecht NL (E.U.)

   Please Contact Tineke Edink:

Dear Faculty of Science colleagues, 

The UU board established Neuroscience&Cognition Utrecht (NCU) again as one of its Focal Research Areas, and made financial resources available to stimulate research in the period 2014-2017. Below three documents:

1. One document describing the NCU program that was approved by the UU board.

2. A second document including the call for seed money.

3. And the third document providing details for the application of seed money for summer schools.

Please, feel free to distribute this information to other colleagues that you consider eligible for a NCU seed money grant. We wish you a wonderful summer time, and we look forward to receiving your seed money proposals. In case you have questions or need more information, please contact Tineke Edink ( or a member of the NCU program team.

Kind regards,

The NCU program team

Corette Wierenga       - Faculty of Science (
Geert Jan Biessels     - UMCU (
Frank Wijnen             - Faculty of Humanities (
Henk Aarts                - Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences (

Focus area Neuroscience & Cognition Utrecht (NCU) Programme
Download the PDF File / 330 Kb
Focus area Neuroscience & Cognition Utrecht (NCU) Summer School
Download the PDF File / 58 Kb
Focus area Neuroscience & Cognition Utrecht (NCU) See Money, Call for Proposal
Download the PDF File / 207 Kb

Conferences' Agenda


flag_eu-de_germany.gif 22nd Symposium on Chemistry and Science Education - Bremen DE, June 19-21, 2014

flag_af-mu_mauritius.gif ICPAC 2014 - Mauritius, June 23-27, 2014

flag_eu-pl_poland.gif 6th International Conference on Research in Didactics of the Siences - Krakow PL, June 24-25, 2014
     url:; Contact:

flag_eu-fi_finland.gif ECRICE 2014 - Jyväskylä FI, July 6-10, 2014

flag_na-ca_canada.gif ICCE 2014 - Toronto ON CA, July 13-18, 2014

flag_af-za_southafrica.gif ICGC 2014 - Durban ZA, August 17-21, 2014  

flag_sa-br_brazil.gif ICSE 2014 - Foz do Iguaçu PR BR, August 27-30, 2014

flag_as-tr_turkey.gif ECC 2014 - Istanbul TR, August 31 - September 4, 2014

flag_eu-es_spain.gif ICERI 2014 - Sevilla ES, November 17-19, 2014