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An ECTN Association Publication since 2000 - October 2014, Vol. 15, N. 05

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  • Foreword: by the VEC SC Chair

  • Association and Network: Network Plenary Meeting 2015; Association General Assembly 2015; EC2E2N Network (WP#01 Paper, WP#06 Report n°4).

  • Virtual Education Community: Special Edition (1. EChemTest® mon amour; 2. EChemTest at the University of Genova; 3. from the VEC SC Position Paper; 4. EOL and GLOREP as an Open Source in Chemistry; 5. Progress in GLOREP Development; 6. Birth of the VEC SC ; Test Centers' Activities July-October 2014).

  • Communication, Websites and NewsLetter: Call for 2015 Issues; Special GreenChem 2014 dissemination.

  • News from everywhere ... Africa/Middel-East (ICGC 2014, Durban ZA; Developping Computational Chemistry; ACRICE 2015, Venda ZA, Announcement) ; Asia-Pacific (ACEN NewsLetter; Practical Chemoinformatics)Europe (3rd EC2E2N Open Contest; IYCr 2014 Contest Laureates); South-America (ICSE 2014, Iguassu BR).

  • Conference's Agenda 2014



Dear EC2E2N2 Newsletters readers,

I accepted with great pleasure the editorial board invitation to be guest editor of this issue of the Newsletter devoted to the activities of the Virtual Education Community (VEC) Standing Committee (SC). The idea of establishing a VEC originated from the paper A. Laganà, S. Crocchianti, N. Faginas Lago, A. Riganelli, C. Manuali, S. Schanze, From Computer Assisted to Grid Empowered Teaching and Learning Activities in Higher Chemistry Education published in the ECTN book Innovative Methods in Teaching and Learning Chemistry in Higher Education edited by I. Eilks and B. Byers (Royal Society of Chemistry (2009) p. 153-190; ISBN 978-1-84755-958-6) with the financial support of the Italian Chemical Society in its 150th anniversary. On this ground ECTN established the VEC SC as its second Standing Committee having the goal of coordinating and promoting all the activities of the Association in the area of e-learning (as illustrated in this issue in the short account of the present VEC SC position).

Accordingly, the core activity of the VEC SC is to manage and maintain EChemTest® the Self evaluation system of ECTN for the Chemistry Educational Knowledge (see the ChemistryViews interview and the papers on EChemTest®) that is related to the Syllabus of the ECTN Eurolabels® and is a mature product. A younger product is the distributed repository of LOs (Learning Objects), see the paper on Learning Objects, that collects teaching e-learning units dealing with segments of the Chemical knowledge related to ECTS credits (or their fractions). Additional contributions are concerned with other activities promoted by the VEC SC.

Enjoy your reading!

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flag_eu-it_italia.gif Prof. Antonio LAGANA, FRSC, Guest Editor

Chair of the ECTN VEC Standing Committee
University of Perugia, IT


Association and Network

flag_eu-fr_france.gif Anthony Smith, CPE Lyon, France (EU)

   ECTN Association Secretary - Contact:
   Network coordinator - Contact:

EC2E2N - Network

flag_eu-fr_france.gif by Anthony Smith, Lyon FR (E.U.) - Network Coordinator

Plenary Meeting 2015

The 2015 EC2E2N Plenary meeting will be held at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The dates are confirmed as Sunday 26 – Wednesday 29 April 2015. The meeting will start on Monday 27 April at 9h00, so participants are expected to arrive on Sunday 26 April. There will also be Label Committee, VEC committee, Intensive Schools and student contests committee and ECTN Association Administrative Council meetings on Sunday 26 April.

Hotel accommodation in the city centre will be booked by the local organisers. Registration for the meeting will be via the meeting website. This is in the process of being created. All partners will be informed as soon as this web site is published.

Please note that this will be the 19th and final annual meeting of the network that began as ECTN in 1996. We therefore hope that all project partners will attend and make it a memorable occasion.

Network Business

We will shortly be sending out time sheets to all partners. These sheets must be completed to show the number of days each person has spent on the project during the second year of the contract.

At the management committee meeting of the project held in Krakow, Poland on 27 September 2014, work package leaders presented the work carried out by their working groups and their plans for the future. Please look at the web pages for each work package for more information.

The next management committee meeting of the network will take place on 7th February 2014 in Brussels. All project partners are invited to send any items they would like discussed at this meeting to Tony Smith.

ECTN Association - General Assembly 2015

flag_eu-fr_france.gif by Anthony Smith, Lyon FR (E.U.) - ECTN Association Secretary

The ECTN held an Administrative Council meeting on 26th September 2014, in Krakow, Poland. As part of the strategy for the future of ECTN, the AC agreed to set up a number of working groups, most of which will concern exploiting the outcomes of the current and previous network projects. In the first instance, topics from previous network projects have been chosen while working groups concerned with topics from the current network activities will be set up at the end of the current project.

Thus the working groups to be set up immediately are: Project proposals; Using the EChemTest; Lecturing qualifications; Transparency database; Innovative teaching methods; Relationships with other organisations.

The precise titles of the working groups will be decided later. We are currently appointing coordinators for each of these groups. Please contact Tony Smith if you would like any further information.

Please note that the next General Assembly of the ECTN will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia during the annual meeting of the EC2E2N2 network, on 27 – 29 April 2015. This will be an extremely important General Assembly as it will discuss in detail the future of the ECTN after the EC2E2N2 network ends in September 2015. It will also elect a new President and Administrative Council according to the new statutes of the Association agreed in Madrid in April 2014. We look forward to seeing representatives of all our members at this meeting.

You are not a member of the Association? Why not join?

The Association is becoming increasingly active and influential in higher education in chemistry in Europe. The quality labels for bachelor, master, and doctorate, the EChemTest which is now developing rapidly towards more widespread use by the membership of the Association, participation in the virtual education area in general, and development of intensive schools and student contests are just some of the Association activities. Contact Tony Smith for details of how to join the Association and become involved, as well as obtain the many advantages offered by membership.

EC2E2N Network

Work Package 01: Towards Excellence in School and University Teaching 

   Contact the WP Leader:


flag_eu-nl_netherland.gif Natasa Brouwer, Amsterdam NL (E.U.)
flag_eu-uk_unitedkingdom.gif  Bill Byers, University of Ulster UK (E.U.)
flag_eu-pl_poland.gif Iwona Maciejowska, Jagiellonian University of Kraków PL (E.U.)


[PDF / 1.13 Mb]

A Platform for sharing Expertise in University Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Teaching

(...) Our overall aim is to create a knowledge-based platform on which information and people are functionally connected in a network that can grow and develop in a sustainable way. This will make it possible for lecturers to obtain information and take inspiration from the experiences of peers on how to design and develop high quality and sound teaching programmes. Although the initial development has come from within EC2E2N all are welcome to join and be listed in the Starfish database, fill in your profile and request a Starfish account to contribute your teaching experience to this project (...). 

Work Package 06: Broadening Student Horizons

flag_eu-it_italia.gif by Gabriella Borzone, Genova IT (E.U.)

   Contact the WP Leader:

The 4th WP Report has been published on the EC2E2N website

Check at the url: 

Virtual Education Committee - Special Edition

flag_eu-it_italia.gif by Antonio Lagana, Perugia IT (E.U.) - VEC Standing Committee Chair

   Contact the Chair:

EChemTest mon amour

flag_eu-it_italia.gif by Antonio Lagana, Perugia IT (E.U.) - VEC SC Chair

[PDF / 126 Kb]

EChemTest, the e-testing tool of the ECTN Association for evaluating the knowledge and skills acquired by Chemistry students, has now reached a high level of maturity. It is the racing horse of the educational activities of the Virtual Education Community Standing Committee of the ECTN Association that leverages on a set of proprietary libraries built thanks to the cooperative effort of a large number of its members. EChemTest,relies on a Europe wide network of Test Centres and Test Sites and has introduced de facto standards in Chemistry teaching (...)

Notes on the use of EChemTest at the University of Genoa

flag_eu-it_italia.gif by Marina Rui, Genoa IT (E.U.)

[PDF / 129 Kb]

Since a couple of years, some Italian universities have started a systematic experimentation of EChemTest by running SESs (Self Evaluation Session)s for their students. Among them, the University of Genoa that, for the second year, has administered EChemTest SESs for its third year students of the level of the Bachelor degree in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry. This was aimed at (...)

From the VEC SC position paper (September 2014)

flag_eu-it_italia.gif by Antonio Lagana, Perugia IT (E.U.) - VEC SC Chair

[PDF / 125 Kb]

The Virtual Education Community (VEC) is the Standing Committee (SC) of the ECTN Association devoted to the management of its key educational assets in the spirit of building an effective virtual community operating in the field of Education in Chemistry. Such assets are (...)

Some details about policy adopted by the VEC SC on these issues such items are given in the paper

EOL and GLOREP for an Open Source Chemistry benchmark at Genoa University

flag_eu-it_italia.gif by Antonio Lagana, Perugia IT (E.U.) - VEC SC Chair

[PDF / 190 Kb]

On the 29th and 30th of May the VEC SC held in Genoa a technical meeting to the end of strengthening of the Open Source platform of the ECTN Association activities. The meeting was attended by 17 people and focused on the evolution of the softwares Exams On Line (EOL) and Grid Learning Objects REPositories (GLOREP) as well as on their links with EChemTest and Moodle. The meeting dealt explicitly with the spreading of the use of ICT tools among the ECTN Association member Institutions and the evolution fostered by the interaction with particularly active users as is the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of Genoa (...)

Progress in GLOREP development

flag_eu-it_italia.gif by Sergio Tasso, Simonetta Pallottelli, Giulia Sorbi and

Simone Ojetti, Perugia IT (E.U.)

   Contact: ;
[PDF / 600 Kb]

In recent months we have progressed in developing a stable release of GLOREP based on the latest version of CMS Drupal by completing the porting from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. All the modules have been tested and work perfectly with the latest Drupal stable releases. The first module we have updated is LinkableObject. In addition we have worked on Collabrep, SearchLO and TaxAssistant modules and we have implemented a new module called Moodledata that allows downloading files from the Moodle server and then their uploading on GLOREP. Several tests have been made in order to (...)

Birth of the VEC SC

flag_eu-it_italia.gif by Antonio Lagana, Perugia IT (E.U.) - VEC SC Chair

[PDF / 99 Kb]

To my recollection the idea of establishing a specific committee for Virtual Education Community (VEC) within ECTN became a real issue following the publication of the paper of A. Laganà, S. Crocchianti, N. Faginas Lago, A. Riganelli, C. Manuali, S. Schanze ‘From Computer Assisted to Grid Empowered Teaching and Learning Activities in Higher Chemistry Education’ published in the ECTN book ‘Innovative Methods in Teaching and Learning Chemistry in Higher Education’ edited by I. Eilks and B. Byers (Royal Society of Chemistry (2009) p. 153-190; ISBN 978-1-84755-958-6). In fact, the writing and the printing of that book was concomitant with (...)

EChemTest Test Center Activities (July-October 204)

flag_eu-fr_france.gif Pascal Mimero, CPE Lyon, France (EU) - VEC SC Vice Chair


flag_eu-nl_netherland.gif TCA Amsterdam: Multiple sessions of General Chemistry 2 in English over 2 months;

flag_eu-hu_hungary.gif TCA Budapest: Multiple sessions using the English version of Analytical-Biological-Inorganic-Organic-Physical Chemistry at Level 3;

flag_eu-fi_finland.gif TCA Helsinki: University entry sessions using General Chemistry 2 in Finnish;

flag_eu-fr_france.gif TCA Lyon: organizing satellite sessions: * English General Chemistry 1&2 sessions at Trinity College, Dublin (IE); * Workshop sessions using General Chemistry 1&2 in Spanish at ICSE 2014 (Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil);

flag_eu-es_spain.gif TCA Madrid: We thank Prof. Francisco Gavilanes for his efficient action and wish him a great success in his new activity ... and welcome as the new TC Manager, Prof. Alfredo Lainez; sessions using General Chemistry 2 in Spanish;

flag_eu-it_italia.gif TCA Perugia :Multiple sessions with the English version of Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, Physical Chemistry at Level 3;

flag_eu-at_austria.gif TCA Vienna: Multiple sessions with the German version of General Chemistry 2 and Organic Chemistry 3 over the 3 months;

You can join each test center administration using the standardized email "", replacing "city" by the name of one of the cities hosting a test center: Amsterdam, Budapest, Helsinki, Krakow, Ljubljana, Lyon, Madrid, Perugia, Thessaloniki, Vienna (visit us 

Communication, Websites and NewsLetter

flag_eu-fr_france.gif by Pascal Mimero, CPE Lyon FR (E.U.) - EC2E2N Communication Manager and Editorial Board Chair

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The next regular edition is schedule in December. If you'd like to contribute, you can contact the Resident Editor from our URL page

   Contact the Resident Editor:

NewsLetter Announcements

  • Reiner Salzer, LC Chair in office, is our invited guest for the April 2015 issue. If the community of Eurolabels owners is willing to contribute, they are more than welcome
    visit our website
    and contact us at LC-Contact[at]
  • We are also preparing a Very Special Issue for December 2015, to celebrate the end of the EC2E2N-2 Network and also to celebrate 19 years of faithfull Netwok Activity.
    Visit us as,
    or contact us at contact[at]

Green Chemistry Special Edition 2014

Visited by 12 more countries since June to reach now 90 countries worldwide since February 2, 2014. We welcome visitors from Hong Kong, Iraq, Jordan, Korea, Kyrgyzistan, Macedonia, Mauritius, Nepal, Niger, Rwanda, Thailand, United Arab Emirates.

Statistics by RevolverMaps:  

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News from everywhere ...

Africa / Middle-East

The 5th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry, Durban (South Africa)
17-21 August 2014.

flag_af-za_southafrica.gif by Liliana Mammino, Venda (South-Africa)

[PDF / 75 Kb]

(...)  Plenary speakers, keynote speakers and presenters from 34 different countries ensured high representativeness both in terms of topic variety and in terms of contexts’ and approaches’ variety. The presentations comprised six plenary lectures, 13 keynote lectures, 98 oral presentations and 74 posters (...)

Visit the official website:

Follow-up from the “Developing Computational Chemistry  from scratch.
A capacity building story” note in November 2012 EC2E2N NewsLetter.

flag_af-za_southafrica.gif by Liliana Mammino, Venda (South-Africa)


The two M.Sc. students shown in the photo in the November 2012 EC2E2N issue graduated on September 19, 2014 (both cum laude) and have already started their PhD projects. Their continued presence at the University of Venda is an important contribution to the continuation and enhancement of capacity building in computational chemistry.


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ACRICE 2015 - Conference Announcement

flag_af-za_southafrica.gif by Liliana Mammino, Venda (South-Africa) 


After the first edition of the ACRICE conference held in 2013 in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), with great success, the second edition will be held next year at the University of Venda (South Africa). More information will come soon in our December NewsLetter.

Asia / Pacific

ACEN Announcements

flag_as-jp_japan.gif by Masato Ito, Soka JP - Manager of ACEN home page in Japan & mailing list / Chemical Education Journal (CEJ) Asian Edition in English

[PDF / 37 Kb]

Dear ACEN colleagues,
Please find the April-May announcement of ACEN mailing list.

(1) Announcement on Chemical Education Journal (CEJ)
(2) Announcement on NICE 2015 (Revised)
(3) EC2E2N NewsLetter - June 2014, 15(4) from Dr. Pascal Mimero
(4) Conference Calendar


A New Textbook on
"Practical Chemoinformatics"

flag_as-in_india.gif by M. Karthikeyan, Pune IN

[PDF / 105 Kb]

Recently published by Dr. M. Karthikeyan, a new TextBook on "Practical Chemoinformatics". Please feel free to visit the urls from publishers, and hopefully it could be made available from European University libraries through consortiums ...

This book enables the readers to practice chemoinformatics with open source tools and open source data Includes numerous step-by-step tutorials that help the reader to grasp the topics quickly Provides exposure to open source based computer programs for chemoinformatics (...)


A contest 
for digital learning objects in chemistry

flag_eu-it_italia.gif by Gino Paolucci, Venice IT (E.U.)

[PDF / 135 Kb]

Uploading to the contest platform will start ... now !

The 3rd edition of the international open contest organised by the European Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Education Network (EC2E2N 2) is about to open end of October. 

How would you like chemistry to be taught?

Learning objects are reusable digital resources supporting active and innovative learning. In chemistry, learning objects are self-contained presentations of teaching units explaining concepts or processes. They can be a PowerPoint presentation, an interactive application, a video, a concept map etc. (...)  

About  a contest
“The role of crystals in human life”

flag_eu-pl_poland.gif by Alicja Rafalska-Lasocha, Kraków PL (E.U.) - Faculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University of Kraków, IUCr Commission on Crystallography in Art and Cultural Heritage


“The role of crystals in human life”  was a contest for secondary-school , high school and university students organized in Poland by Faculty of Chemistry Jagiellonian University. Among co-organizers was also European Chemistry Thematic Network Association. More about the contest and most of the contributions (in Polish) you may find at our website, as well as a photo gallery (...)

[PDF / 993 Kb]

The winners of the contest in the category of secondary schools, from Gymnasium in Mirzec. Foto Credit: Alicja Rafalska-Lasocha.

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North / South Americas

flag_sa-br_brazil.gif International Conference on Science Education 2014 - Iguassu Falls, PN Brazil

For the second edition of this conference coordinated by Prof. Yuri Orlik, we jointly celebrate the 15th anniversary of the International Journal of Science Education. Located in a majestic surrounding, both the natural n°1 world wonder "Iguassu falls", and the human impressive technic building "Itaipu Binational Dam". About 700 attendees participated to the event, representing 20 different countries from over the world. Some figures: 350 posters on display, 10 plenaries, 30 symposia and 11 workshops conducted during the 4 days of the conference, covering the domains of chemistry, biology, astronomy, physics and mathematics. The plenary speakers were: Alan Goodwin (UK), Bernard Hudgson (Canada), Eric Scerri (USA), Mary Falk (Colombia), Norma Sbarati Nudelman (Argentina), Pascal Mimero (France), Peter Childs (Ireland), and a delegation from Brazil (Yuri Orlik & L.C. Hernandez; Maria-Elena Infante Malachias;  Fabiano Pavoni Nogueira, Janer Vilaça, Juan Carlos Sotuyo).

flag_eu-fr_france.gif by Pascal Mimero, Lyon, FR (E.U.) 


I had the great honor to present at a plenary talk, dealing with Science Evaluation and Assessement, both the European Chemistry Test approach based on the EChemTest® of the ECTN Association;  and the Professional Approach used in certain specific fields / sectors based on practice based of the Professionnal Qualification Certificate concept of the Metallurgy Industry. 

I also had the great pleasure to run with Dr. Iwona Maciejowska, a workshop dedicated to EChemTest®; session based on General Chemistry 2 Level in Spanish, facing an audience composed of a Polish team and a South-American group composed of teachers / professors coming from a number of countries.

flag_eu-pl_poland.gif by Iwona Maciejowska, Kraków, PL (E.U.)


European and South American researchers participated in Round table entitled: Curriculum problems in science education. Agnaldo Arroio from Brazil talked about "Pre-service teaching education to the early years of Elementary School: the natural sciences knowledge in the curriculum". Denis M. Zhilin from Russia discussed "Instructivism and constructivism: a dialectic opposition". ECTN and especially Eurolabels were presented there as a part of a talk "Science curricula in Europe – similarities, differences and what they affect" (Iwona Maciejowska).

Although most presentations were related to schools, we (means JU representatives: Malgorzata Krzeczkowska, Ewa Odrowaz, Iwona Maciejowska) also talked about university education e.g. in the case of 'Civilization Threats and Sustainable Development - the Course for Students of Environmental Protection Programme' or "Do I really learn when teaching others?" - about effectiveness of the use of students presentations to deepen their knowledge.

Conferences' Agenda 2014


flag_eu-es_spain.gif ICERI 2014 - Sevilla ES, November 17-19, 2014