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An ECTN Association Publication since 2000 - December 2014, Vol. 15, N. 06

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  • Foreword: ECTNews Communication from the President.
  • Association and Network: Network Plenary Meeting 2015; ; Network Business; ECTN General Assembly 2015.
  • EC2E2N: Transparency Database ... everybody is welcome!
  • Label Committee: ANECA Our 4th International Partner.
  • Virtual Education Community: New Frontiers for the VEC; Test Centers' Activities October-December 2014.
  • Communication, Websites and NewsLetter: Call for 2015 Issues and Guests' List; Special GreenChem 2014 dissemination.
  • News from everywhere ... Africa/Middle-East (ACRICE 2015, Venda ZA, Announcement) ; Asia-Pacific (ACEN News Letter)Europe (650th Year of the JU Kraków); South-America (Chemistry Events in Mexico 2015).
  • Conference's Agenda 2015
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Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year 2015

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Dear Readers,

with this letter I want to initiate a new contact-line of the ECTN president with you all, which I hope will also be continued by my successors along the years to come. Shall we call it, with a simple and understandable neologism, ECTNews? It will appear in the periodical Newsletter on the ECTN website, any time that there is something new and important from the presidency to be communicated, that involves our Association and its members.

Let us start with the information that something is moving as to the creation of a (new) ECTN Portal. You might know that until now we have been hosted by the Network website (currently - Procedures have started for finding the right provider, which will design a portal for us, where you will find all that is needed for such an important European Association as we are. I hope that the portal could be launched in the first months of the New Year.

Last September 26th the meeting of the Administrative Council (AC) took place in Krakow, hosted by the local Jagiellonian University and organized by Artur Michalak and Iwona Maciejowska. It was noted there the translation into French of the new Statutes (approved by you at the last General Assembly in Madrid). This procedure is needed by the Belgian law for submitting them to the Belgian authorities and then to the Belgian Gazette for publication. We congratulated also, on that occasion, Iwona for her election as Chair of the Division of Chemical Education of EuCheMS.

At this meeting, according to the new Statutes, the AC appointed two members at the ECTN Label Committee (LC): J.A. Renuncio Rodriguez (Spain), and Ray Wallace (United Kingdom). Reiner Salzer was confirmed as the LC Chair. In this way the LC is now complete, and becomes fully operative.

Many things were discussed at the meeting, but in particular the “ECTN Roadmap 2015” took much of the time. The project of the portal was launched, as well as the institution of the Working Groups. You will know more on these groups when they will start to be operative during the year to come. Our relationships with other European organization have been taken to the attention of the AC members, and in particular with EuCheMS and with the Joint Research Center (JRC) – “European Commission's in-house science service which employs scientists to carry out research in order to provide independent scientific advice and support to EU policy” (taken from the JRC website).

Recently, ECTN, EuCheMS, and the Euromaster® Consortium Measurement Science in Chemistry (MSC) have agreed a “Memorandum of Understanding” according to which the parties will organise annually a two weeks Summer School, 12 ECTS Intensive Courses to teach Master students skills and expertise regarding metrology in chemistry, quality of measurement results and accreditation of analytical laboratories. The MoU will be signed in Brussels on December 12, during the “Workshop on Employability of Chemists”, organised by the JRC. The ECTN president, and the EuCheMS new President David Cole-Hamilton will give presentations on the workshop themes. The Label Committee Chair, Reiner Salzer, will present the result of the employability survey commissioned to ECTN and EuCheMS by the European Commission's JRC. The workshop will be followed by the Graduation Ceremony 2014 of the Euromaster® on Measurement Science in Chemistry.

Last July, and then last September respectively, by invitation the president presented ECTN at the IUPAC 23rd International Conference on Chemistry Education (ICCE-23) in Toronto, and at the EuCheMS Chemistry Conference (ECC5) in Istanbul. These have been absolutely great opportunities for strengthening our links with such important organisations.

Following this, F. De Angelis as the president of ECTN presented also our organization at the EuCheMS General Assembly, which took place in Torun (Poland) last October 23rd-24th. He, by recommendation of the ECTN AC, explained our intention for closer collaboration with EuCheMS, becoming a supporting member as the first step, the next one being a EuCheMS-ECTN MoU. With our great satisfaction, the EuCheMS GA accepted ECTN as a supporting member as of 1 January 2015, and decided to assign ECTN one vote in the General Assembly. The EuCheMS Executive Board, also, decided to set up a task group, which is going to collaborate with the equivalent ECTN task group (created at our last AC meeting) to agree an “EuCheMS-ECTN MoU”.

Finally, let me inform you that the ECTN president has signed contracts of collaboration with the Polish “University Accreditation Commission” UKA, and with the Spanish “National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation” ANECA for awarding Eurolabels® in the name of ECTN in their respective countries. Similar agreement was signed at the beginning of this year with the Italian Chemical Society SCI. The one with the German accreditation agency ASIIN is also on its own way.

Allow me to conclude with personal best wishes for a merry Christmas, and a happy and fruitful new year for you all.

L’Aquila - Italy, November 30, 2014

Enjoy your reading!

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flag_eu-it_italia.gif Prof. Francesco DE ANGELIS, Guest Editor

President of the ECTN Association
University of L'Aquila, IT

[PDF / 111 Kb]

Association and Network

flag_eu-fr_france.gif Anthony Smith, CPE Lyon, France (EU)

   ECTN Association Secretary - Contact:
   Network coordinator - Contact:

EC2E2N - Network

flag_eu-fr_france.gif by Anthony Smith, Lyon FR (E.U.) - Network Coordinator

Plenary Meeting 2015

As stated in the October 2014 newsletter, the 2015 EC2E2N Plenary meeting will be held at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The dates are Sunday 26 – Wednesday 29 April 2015. The meeting will start on Monday 27 April at 9h00, so participants are expected to arrive on Sunday 26 April. There will also be Label Committee, VEC committee, Intensive Schools and student contests committee and ECTN Association Administrative Council meetings on Sunday 26 April.

Hotel accommodation in the city centre will be booked by the local organisers. Registration for the meeting will be via the meeting website. This is in the process of being created. All partners will be informed as soon as this web site is published.

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Please note that this will be the 19th and final annual meeting of the network
that began as ECTN in 1996.

We therefore hope that all project partners will attend
and make it a memorable occasion.

Network Business

The next management committee meeting of the network will take place on 7th February 2015 in Brussels. All project partners are invited to send any items they would like discussed at this meeting to Tony Smith.

All EC2E2N2 project partners have been sent a request to add their chemistry programmes to the Transparency database. This invitation is open to all our newsletter recipients. It is an excellent way to allow students and staff from chemistry departments throughout Europe to see what courses are available at your institution, especially when looking for a mobility opportunity. For further information please go to the Transparency database website at (see below the article about Transparency).

We wish all newsletter readers a very happy and successful 2015.

ECTN Association - General Assembly 2015

flag_eu-fr_france.gif by Anthony Smith, Lyon FR (E.U.) - ECTN Association Secretary

You are not a member of the Association? Why not join?

The Association is becoming increasingly active and influential in higher education in chemistry in Europe. The quality labels for bachelor, master, and doctorate, the EChemTest which is now developing rapidly towards more widespread use by the membership of the Association, participation in the virtual education area in general, and development of intensive schools and student contests are just some of the Association activities. Contact Tony Smith for details of how to join the Association and become involved, as well as obtain the many advantages offered by membership.

EC2E2N Network - Work Package

Transparency Database ... everybody is welcome !

   Contact the WP Leaders: and


flag_eu-nl_netherland.gif Anne-Maris Billet, INPT-ENSIACET Toulouse FR (E.U.)
flag_eu-uk_unitedkingdom.gif  Laurie Barthe, INPT-ENSIACET Toulouse FR (E.U.)

[PDF / 730 Kb]
[DOC / 264 Kb]
[DOCX / 216 Kb]

Dear colleagues,

The members of the EC2E2N-2 network, have already heard about the Transparency database, which collects education programmes in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Bachelor level and Master level. This tool is dedicated to European students when looking for mobility (check at URL: )

We now need to collect more and more educational programmes to complete the database. Please help us through these two actions (done in a few minutes):

  1. fill in the attached form (1-page Word file) with each educational programme in Chemistry or Chem. Engineering that is available in your institution
  2. disseminate the empty form to colleagues (in your institution or in related institutions) in order to collect still more educational programmes

Once filled, please e-mail each form  back to the Transparency Working Group Leaders. Thanking you warmly in advance

Label Committee

ANECA, our 4th International Partner

flag_eu-de_germany.gif by Reiner Salzer, Dresden DE (E.U.) - LC Chair


Image description

Photo:  Signature of the International Agreement on Eurolabels® between ANECA and ECTN From right to left: María Becerro Torres (responsible for subject specific accreditation and international seals at ANECA), Prof. Dr. Rafael van Grieken Salvador (Director of ANECA), Prof. Dr. Francesco De Angelis (President of ECTN), Prof. Dr. Reiner Salzer (Chair of the ECTN Label Committee).

ANECA, the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation of Spain, signed an international agreement on Eurolabels®. ANECA became the fourth international partner authorised to award the Eurolabels® using criteria and procedures defined by ECTN. The other three partners are ASIIN (, the Italian Chemical Society (, and the Polish Accreditation Commission (

ANECA is a foundation whose aim is to provide external quality assurance for the Spanish Higher Education System and to contribute to its constant improvement through evaluation, certification and accreditation. ANECA was created on July 19, 2002 by agreement of the Council of Ministers. Ever since it has been consolidating its technical and institutional role within the framework of Spain’s integration into the EHEA. ANECA is a member of important international organisations in the area of accreditation, e.g. the European Quality Register for Higher Education EQAR ( and the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education ENQA (

The negotiations between ANECA and ECTN about the International Agreement on Eurolabels® proceeded in a very effective manner. The contract was signed on November 12, 2014, in Munich by the Director of ANECA, Prof. Dr. Rafael van Grieken Salvador, and the President of ECTN, Prof. Dr. Francesco De Angelis. ANECA is now granted the right to award Eurolabels® in addition to the national labels, if the additional requirements for Eurolabels® are met by the applicants. We kindly welcome ANECA and look forward to an exciting and fruitful cooperation.

Virtual Education Committee

New Fronteer for the Virtual Education Community

flag_eu-it_italia.gif by Antonio Lagana, Perugia IT (E.U.) - VEC SC Chair

[PDF / 121 Kb]

New frontiers are being reached by the ECTN Virtual Education Community (VEC) Standing Committee (SC) that has been considered for playing a key role in a Horizon 2020 recently proposed project. This is even more appreciable due to the fact that the VEC SC  is quite young having been established only a little more than one year ago during  the 2013 Annual Association Conference held  in Utrecht. As a matter of fact, EChemTest®, the ECTN e-learning race horse, has become a reference product for the academic world as reported by  (...)

EChemTest Test Center Activities (November-December 2014)

flag_eu-fr_france.gif Pascal Mimero, CPE Lyon, France (EU) - VEC SC Vice Chair


flag_eu-hu_hungary.gifTCA Budapest: Multiple sessions using the English version of Analytical-Biological-Inorganic-Organic-Physical Chemistry at Level 3;

flag_eu-fr_france.gifTCA Lyon: Session with the French version of Organic Chemistry Level 3 test, with Industrial Technicians & Engineers attending a continuous Education programme at CPE Lyon;

flag_eu-es_spain.gifTCA Madrid: Multiple sessions with the spanish version of General Chemistry 2 Test;

flag_eu-it_italia.gifTCA Perugia :Multiple sessions with the English version of Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, Physical Chemistry at Level 3;

flag_eu-gr_greece.gifTCA Thessaloniki: Multiple sessions with the Greek version of Inorganic and Organic Chemistry 3;

You can join each test center administration using the standardized email "", replacing "city" by the name of one of the cities hosting a test center: Amsterdam, Budapest, Helsinki, Krakow, Ljubljana, Lyon, Madrid, Perugia, Thessaloniki, Vienna (visit us 

Communication and NewsLetter

flag_eu-fr_france.gif by Pascal Mimero, CPE Lyon FR (E.U.) - EC2E2N Communication Manager and Editorial Board Chair

Image description

The next regular edition is schedule in February 2015. If you'd like to contribute, you can contact the Guest Editor from our URL

   or contact the Resident Editor:

NewsLetter Announcements

The 2015 Guests' List is already attributed for the 5 issues. The #5 will be a Very Special one in December 2015, to celebrate the end of the EC2E2N-2 Network and also to celebrate the 19 years of faithfull Netwok Activity.

  • Feb. 2015: Iwona Maciejowska (Kraków PL)
  • Apr. 2015: Reiner Salzer (Dresden DE) 
  • Jun. 2015: Ray Wallace (Nottingham UK)
  • Oct. 2015: Marjan Veber (Ljubljana SI)
  • Dec. 2015: Anthony Smith "Special retrospective" (Lyon FR)

Visit us as www.ec2e2n.netor, or contact us.

Green Chemistry Special Edition 2014

Visited by 3 more countries since November to reach now 93 countries worldwide since February 2, 2014. We welcome visitors from Ecuador, Moldova, Tanzania.

Statistics by RevolverMaps:  

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News from everywhere ...

Africa / Middle-East

ACRICE 2 at the University of Venda

flag_af-za_southafrica.gif by Liliana Mammino, Venda (South-Africa) 


Image description

The Library of the University of Venda - Photo credit L.Mammino

More information will also be given in the next ECTN issues.

The second African Conference on Research in Chemical Education (ACRICE 2) will be held at the University of Venda (South Africa) from November 29 to December 4, 2015. 

The conference will consider a wide range of themes crucial for chemical education, spanning through all instruction levels: pre-university (from younger levels to secondary school) and university (from undergraduate courses to the educational components inherent in mentoring post-graduate students).

The conference aims at bringing together specialists from African countries and specialists from all over the world. Persons interested in chemical education will find an ideal opportunity to share experiences across contexts, countries and continents, and to explore novel pathways and new collaborations. Students will find an ideal opportunity to interact with experts and to acquire new insights on the questions and challenges relevant to chemical education.

The University of Venda is situated in an area rich of tourist attractions. Two of the gates to Kruger National Park are practically nearby. The biggest and oldest baobab tree in the world is even closer. The cultural traditions are spectacular and fascinating.    

Anybody interested in chemical education is warmly invited to attend the conference and enjoy an unforgetful experience.

The conference website is under preparation and will open early in 2015.

Asia / Pacific

ACEN Announcements

flag_as-jp_japan.gif by Masato Ito, Soka JP - Manager of ACEN home page in Japan & mailing list / Chemical Education Journal (CEJ) Asian Edition in English

[PDF / 39 Kb]

Dear ACEN colleagues,
Please find the November announcement of ACEN mailing list.

(1) EC2E2N NewsLetter - November 2014, 15(5) from Dr. Pascal Mimero
(2) Conference Calendar



Faculty of Chemistry at 650-Year-Old Jagiellonian University in Kraków

flag_eu-pl_poland.gif by Alicja Rafalska-Lasocha, Kraków PL (E.U.) - Faculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University of Kraków, IUCr Commission on Crystallography in Art and Cultural Heritage

Image description

Collegium Maius – the oldest building of the Jagiellonian University
Photo credit A. Rafalska-Lasocha 

[PDF / 2.77 Mb]

The Jagiellonian University in Krakow (JU) is the oldest in Poland, and one of the oldest in Europe. This year it celebrated 650th anniversary of its foundation. The celebrations started on the 1st October 2013 and lasted until the 1st October 2014. Among many events organized at the University, one of the most important was the Congress of Academic Culture which took place in March 2014. The main events of the jubilee were organized in May 2014, exactly on the 650 anniversary of Jagiellonian University’s foundation. On 10th May the Jubilee Senate session began in Auditorium Maximum with the addresses by the Rector of the Jagiellonian University, Prof. Wojciech Nowak and the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronisław Komorowski. The Senate presented the gold medal Plus Ratio Quam Vis to Jose Manuel Barroso. The presentation ceremony was followed by the presentation of honorary doctorates to Nobel Prize Laureate, a German biochemist, Prof. Robert Huber and to Polish Professor of economics Witold Kieżun. Before and after the solemn Senate session many other events such as concerts, scientific conferences and exhibitions took place. On 11th May JU Rector’s Cup International Regatta on the Vistula River by Wawel Castle, attended by Polish and foreign students (including the teams from Cambridge and Oxford) were organized. More about all events (...)


Chemistry events in Mexico, 2015

flag_na-mx_mexico.gif by Jorge Ibanez, Mexico (MX) - University Iberoamericana


Dear Colleague, 

We cordially invite you to the following events: 

  • 5th. Latin American Green Chemistry Workshop
  • 8th. International Symposium on Microscale Chemistry
  • 10th. Anniversary of the Mexican Chapter of the Green Chemistry Institute – American Chemical Society
  • 25th. Anniversary of the Mexican Center for Green and Microscale Chemistry
  • 70th. Anniversary of the Chemical Sciences and Engineering Department - Ibero


May 27-29, 2015.

Universidad Iberoamericana-Cd. de México

Further information:

(55)5950 4168


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Conferences' Agenda 2015


flag_eu-es_spain.gif INTED 2015 - Madrid ES, Mars 2-4, 2015


flag_eu-fr_france.gif ISGC 2015 - La Rochelle FR, May 3-7, 2015

flag_na-mx_mexico.gif Chemistry Mexico 2015 - Mexico MX, May 27-29, 2015

flag_eu-es_spain.gif HEAd'15 - Valencia ES, June 24-26, 2015

flag_eu-ee_estonia.gif EuroVariety 2015 - Tartu EE, July, 2015

flag_as-kr_korearep.gif IUPAC 2015 - Busan KR, August 9-14, 2015

flag_eu-gr_greece.gif IMA 2015 - Kalamata GR, September 20-24, 2015
     url: poster leaflet

flag_af-za_southafrica.gif ACRICE-2 2015 - Venda ZA, November 29 - December 4, 2015

flag_oc-au_australia.gif ICCE 2016

flag_sa-br_brazil.gif IUPAC 2017 - São Paulo BR, July 3-11, 2017