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ISSN 2309-5911

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An ECTN Association Publication since 2000 - June 2015, Vol. 16, N. 03

Special Edition: "Eurolabels®"


flag_eu-fr_france.gif by Anne-Marie Billet,
ENSIACET, Toulouse, France 

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A too good to be missed invitation to providers of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Chemical Science courses!

Wish to welcome more European students onto your courses?... The database for trans-Europe mobility, “Transparency”, is the answer  ...

The Transparency database collects meaningful descriptions of European educational programmes for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (both at Bachelor and Master levels). Developed by the ECTN Association, this database is a free on-line tool dedicated to students wishing to study abroad for one semester or more. Up to 11 countries and 42 European institutions are already signed up to this database.

Don’t miss the opportunity! Join by sending in your programmes! There is only a one-page form to fill in and it takes less than 5 minutes to complete. You could be losing out on a potential source for recruitment… our form now! attention a new 2015 version of the form have been published and linked on the 06 of July, to replace the previously attached on the 5 of July.

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